The CareerACCESS team has set goals for 2017, and we’re working to accomplish them.

2017 CareerACCESS Goals:

Overarching Goal: Ensure the start of CareerACCESS Project Pilots in two states by mid-2018.

Objective 1: Develop a detailed description of the CareerACCESS Policy Initiative to support pilot implementation

  • Define CareerACCESS in relationship to Social Security‚Äôs Supplemental Security Income
  • Define CareerACCESS Participant Procedures
  • Define CareerACCESS Career Coach Roles and Responsibilities
  • Define CareerACCESS Individualized Career Plans

Objective 2: Obtain commitments from at least two states to pilot CareerACCESS

  • Identify CareerACCESS Champions in Vermont, Michigan and Massachusetts
  • Form state advisory committees that includes people from disability, business, economic development communities and all affected agencies
  • Develop and executive state-focused outreach and marketing plans
  • Obtain legislative and funding support
  • Educate agencies active in economic development as to why they should include people with disabilities in their central mission

Objective 3: Expand CareerACCESS Support

  • Increase the number of young adults with disabilities advocating for CareerACCESS
  • Produce and share testimonies of young adults describing their systemic and personal barriers to employment
  • Grow the number of agencies partnering with CareerACCESS
  • Expand participation and function of the CareerACCESS National Advisory Committee
  • Obtain support, and when required waivers, from the Social Security Administration, the Administration on Community Living, the Office of Disability Employment Policy and other affected federal agencies
  • Launch new media campaign to increase CareerACCESS awareness

Objective 4: Develop a Detailed Description of the CareerACCESS National Operations Center

  • Create a detailed description of the purpose, roles and responsibilities
  • Develop a funding proposal for the staffing, software, marketing, and evaluation requirements

Objective 5: Obtain Pilot Funding Commitments

  • Complete national cost benefit analysis and return on investment projection
  • Obtain funding for state pilot projects

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