Why is the CareerACCESS initiative important?

Based on current Social Security disability programs, young adults with disabilities are required to prove their inability to work to be eligible for program benefits that include SSI (Supplemental Security Income). As a result, those who receive SSI benefits face the challenge of balancing their need for financial assistance, healthcare access, personal attendant care and accommodation requirements with their desire to work and reach their full potential in the workforce.  Additionally, they often face low expectations of their abilities, a lack of employment experience, and an extremely challenging job market as well as the challenge of their disability. 

The Social Security disability rolls grow annually while the employment rates of people with disabilities stay the same.

CareerACCESS has been designed to counter these trends and pave the way for young adults with disabilities to be able to live independently and strive in their careers. CareerACCESS will provide adult coaching, counseling, and employment support services to achieve this goal.

“Any of us can acquire a disability at any time, and all of us have a stake in making equal employment opportunity the rule rather than the exception.” -Senator Tom Harkin

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